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"Cold Weather Birding" release day on pan y rosas!

  • pan y rosas discos Chicago, IL United States (map)

Link to listen / free download

Album released on pan y rosas netlabel based in Chicago.


  1. and spent years traveling and
  2. located about 8 miles north

music was created between may and december 2016, mostly in chicago. sounds heard are from a variety of sources and were variously generated and/or manipulated using max/msp, spear, and audacity. the exact origin of the sounds is inconsequential.

it might be of interest to know that some sounds were cued/controlled/mixed by a live performer, but many were semi-autonomously controlled by computer magic. you might also not find that interesting, in which case it can be fully disregarded.

note: the first track has long periods of low frequency material (~50 Hz), and is best heard through desktop speakers or headphones – almost anything except laptop speakers, please.

special thanks to nm, bg, eh, sdk, mr, cp, ah, jm, and others.