Available Recordings

Cold Weather Birding (free digital download)

Still (CD or digital download)
Also available from iTunes and Amazon.

The Big Wig (CD/DVD or 2xLP)
Andreas Schaerer's Hildegard Lernt Fliegen with the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra

cbs trio, Schisandra (cassette or digital download)
Cassette available from the label.

Korean Jeans

Heat (CD, cassette, or digital download)

Savvy Show Stoppers (cassette or digital download)
100% of proceeds go to charity.

Korean Jeans, self-titled (CD or digital download)

Available Bundles

Single Action Rider bundle: Still + Schisandra

Available through Single Action Rider.


Full Korean Jeans discography (digital downloads only)

Available through BandCamp.

Still + Schisandra + Korean Jeans

Available through SquareUp.