…is a classically trained tuba player gone awry. She performs mostly as an improviser, using the tuba acoustically or in conjunction with electronic processing.

Beth currently performs with Korean Jeans and the Duck Brain Ragtime Band, among other projects. She enjoys collaborating on cross-disciplinary performance projects, and has collaborated in works by Becky Grajeda, Nathanael Lee Jones, Sasha de Koninick, and Mark Booth. She also works behind the scenes at Chicago music school Piano Power, and as the Electronics Technician the SICPP music festival which takes place in Boston each June.

duck brain june 2019.jpg
2017-04 korean jeans tuba-drums.jpg

From 2011 through 2014, Beth was the Artistic Director of the August Noise JP, where she worked to bring unexpected music to public spaces and to engage her fellow musicians in their community. During this time, Beth also performed with the Lindenbomber Fleet, Boston Modern BrassSound Icon, Discovery Ensemble, and the Brian Friedland Big Band.

Beth received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky, and earned her Master's degree from New England Conservatory. She has worked under the guidance of John Mallia (electronics), Stephen Drury (contemporary classical music), Tanya Kalmanovitch (improvisation), Ted Reichman (improvisation), Skip Gray (tuba), John Cradler (tuba), and John Heiss (chamber music). She is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, and is currently pursing a Master’s in Computer Science from Northeastern Illinois University.

Musical equipment:

  • Tuba: Meinl Weston 45 SLZ - F tuba

  • Hardware:

    • Electroharmonix Freeze (sustain)

    • Digitech Luxe (polyphonic detune/chorus)

    • Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander (bit crusher)

    • Earthquaker Devices Cloven Hoof (fuzz)

    • Red Panda Particle (granular delay)

    • Montreal Assembly Count to Five (delay/looper)

    • Ditto x2 Looper (looper)

    • Saturnworks Momentary Kill Switch

    • Rattlesnake cables

  • Software:

    • Max/MSP (music visual programming language)

    • SPEAR (spectral analysis/resynthesis)