• 2011: 6 concerts
    • Crowd Control (musical games)
    • Hayes Griffin Trio (bluegrass)
    • Lindenbomber Fleet (songwriting/jazz)
    • Super Fine Grind (rock)
    • Abashedly Alto (classical)
    • Neal Markowski (sound installation)
  • 2012: 10 concerts
    • Fundraiser concert (classical/pop)
    • Talk Listen Door (jazz/songwriter)
    • Contemporary Music Project (contemporary classical)
    • Ari & Mia (folk, bluegrass)
    • Faces (improv/musical games)
    • Redline Brass Quintet (classical)
    • Annalise Emerick (singer-songwriter)
    • Thomas James Wible & friends (classical)
    • Connector (electronic/rock) w/ Vaporizers (electronic/improv)
  • 2013: 7 concerts
    • Boston Percussion Group (pop & classical)
    • Acoustic Phenomenon (bluegrass)
    • Annalise Emerick w/ Tom Cadrin (singer-songwriter)
    • Globular Falcon (musical games)
    • Rachel & Maria w/ Rita & Dan (classical)
    • Borey Shin (electronic) w/ VAVÁ (art pop)
  • 2014: 6 concerts
    • Talk Listen Door (jazz/songwriter)
    • Fun & Games with Brian Friedland (jazz/musical games)
    • Dog Brain Ragtime Band (slapstick ragtime)
    • Michael Dahlberg (classical)
    • Boston Percussion Group (pop & classical)
    • Semiosis Quartet (contemporary classical)


  • Anne Gregory (2012-2014) - Director of Communications
  • Neal Markowski (2012-2014) - Digital Mixtape curation
  • Cailyn Huston (2011-2014) - Designer
  • Rachel Roberts (2011-2014) - Photography
  • Frank Ojeda (2013) - Assistant/Artist Coordinator
  • Vanessa Wheeler (2012) - Print Design

August Noise JP (ANJP) ran for four seasons in Jamaica Plain, MA, from 2011 through 2014. August Noise was a late-summer pop-up outdoor concert series in Jamaica Plain (a neighborhood of Boston). The concerts showcased a wide variety of musical genres, from classical to rock, from experimental to folk.


My primary motivation for creating the concert series was to create a way for musicians to connect with their audience living just down the street. Jamaica Plain is a neighborhood full of musicians, students, art lovers, and generally engaged, open-minded people -- so why were we, as musicians, always traveling elsewhere to perform? There were plenty of nice outdoor venues with foot traffic and built-in crowds, so my goal was just to make that connection.

Liking the kind of music that I do, my ulterior motive was to bring "weirder" (formally known as "creative") music outdoors. Boston is home to a strong underground music scene and many fantastic conservatories, so I tried to highlight jazz / improvisation / theatrical music more often than classical. (My end goal was that each season program would have at least one program that an audience member would find annoying. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.)

Mission Statement

August Noise JP is about bringing the joy of unexpected music into everyday life. Music is an experience and activity that should be accessible to all audiences, regardless of musical knowledge or socioeconomic status. Therefore, August Noise strives to create a series of concerts each summer which take place in popular public spaces. Founded and based in Jamaica Plain, MA, we aim to create experiences that can inspire individuals and build a cultural community through music.

Breaking down traditional boundaries of musical performance, our concerts are designed to be interactive, enriching the experience of musician and listener alike. August Noise is also dedicated to demonstrating the importance local artists and recognizing musicians’ dedication to their craft.


The first season was funded by New England Conservatory's groundbreaking Entrepreneurial Grant program, and subsequent seasons were funded through IndieGoGo, operating under fiscal sponsorship by Fractured Atlas (which is an incredible resource for artists!).