Past Groups / Ensembles / Projects

cBS Trio

cbs trio is a somewhat-unnamed improvisation-drone group comprised of Caroline Park (laptop), Matt Samolis (bowed cymbals), and Beth McDonald (tuba/sustain). Listen listen listen.

We play over tea and in rooms affected by sunsets. Shoe's in charge of the tea.

Lindenbomber Fleet

Lindenbomber Fleet was an acoustic quartet comprised of violin (Mia Friedman), tuba (Beth McDonald), accordion (Borey Shin), and guitar (Lautaro Mantilla). We wrote and played mostly instrumental songs, but violinist/songwriter, Mia Friedman occasionally meowed. Some of our influences include Erik Satie and Antonio Lauro.

Lindenbomber's good vibes are the stuff of legends.

Dog Brain Ragtime Band

The Dog Brain Ragtime Band was formed in 2014 by Ethan T. Parcell to goon around and perform orchestrations of his piano rags. The band performs revisionist ragtime music, that is silly, sad, authentic, and corrupted.

The band has variously included:

  • Ethan T. Parcell - drums/clarinet/faces/leading

  • Hannah Bureau - violin

  • Billy McShane - alto sax

  • Daniel Pencer - tenor sax

  • Cale Israel - trombone

  • Henry Fraser - bass

  • Alec Watson - piano

  • Kenan Serenbetz - sax

  • Tree Palmedo - trumpet

Boston Modern Brass

A Boston-based, New England focused brass chamber ensemble devoted to the music of living composers. Our mission includes commissioning new works, performing recently written masterpieces and discovering neglected great works from the recent past. Boston Modern Brass was: Paul Fleming (trombone), Jason Huffman (trumpet), Yoni Kahn (horn), Jonah Kappraff (trumpet), and Beth McDonald (tuba).

Brian Friedland Big Band

Friedland's big band works capture explore a wide range of emotions and ideas brought to life and enhanced by an accomplished, dedicated 20 piece band.  Tinting modern jazz with influences ranging from classical minimalism to techno in attempts to musically reflect on personal experiences, his writing displays a relentless creativity and open-mindedness.  Grammy nominated composer, USC faculty member, and musical collaborator Kim Richmond describes Friedland's music as "not only professional quality material, but inspirationally crafted, an excellent and interesting mix of art works. He shows his dedication towards creating and performing new music."  Many of Friedland’s works for big band were composed while working with New Engand Conservatory’s Jazz Composer’s Orchestra, where Friedland earned his Master’s degree in jazz composition and met many members of his band.  The band also features many of his frequent collaborators in Boston, and draws on repertoire he wrote for his six piece band Rhombus.

The Big Band lives on and does amazing work in and around Boston, including Brian's hilarious Household Items project.


Four Horsemen Quartet

“The Four Horsemen Tuba/Euphonium Quartet came together to perform fresh, enlivened interpretations of standard quartet repertoire, as well to introduce audiences to exciting original music and new transcriptions. All four of us began our journey in a traditional academic setting. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, we took off down our individual paths of life-- teaching, performing, composing, traveling, studying outside of music, adopting pets, having quarter-life crises, etc. Yet we continued to share a craving that was not so easily satisfied: the desire to perform chamber music at the highest possible level while enjoying the camaraderie of our fellow musicians and audience members.

"The Four Horsemen originated as a student ensemble; its members were comprised of undergraduate and graduate musicians under the tutelage of Dr. Skip Gray. Through many reincarnations, they performed frequently throughout Central Kentucky and in chamber music competitions."

Seraph Brass

"The women of Seraph Brass represent a new generation of brass players. Committed to challenging audiences with engaging and exciting programming, Seraph Brass presents a diverse body of repertoire that includes original transcriptions, newly commissioned works and well-known classics. The quintet recognizes the importance of connecting intimately with audiences and the community as a whole. That is why Seraph Brass is committed to creating innovative and inspiring opportunities that will help to establish a new generation of chamber music."