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Korean Jeans originated in Boston in 2012, emerging from a mildewy basement room with a long history of noisy happenings. Korean Jeans is half Neal Markowski (drums, guitar, composition) and half Beth McDonald (tuba, electronics). The duo sits uncomfortably between a rock band and an avant garde ensemble -- too obnoxious for galleries and too weird for rock clubs... We play compositions by Neal ("math rock"), improvisation, noise, and a variety of cover songs -- Big Black, MX-80 Sound, the B-52s, etc.

And yes, in case you were wondering: tuba sounds great through fuzz pedals. The more the merrier.

Korean Jeans will be releasing a NEW COVER ALBUM in February 2016. The record will be available as a cassette and digitally through Single Action Rider (Chicago).

Current setup:

Neal - red drums, cowbell, tambourine, roto-toms, edrums

Beth - Boss noise suppressor, Bass Big Muff, Bit Commander, mxr Bass Fuzz Deluxe, EHX Freeze, RC-20 loop station, digital delay, etc. etc.

Bitter Fest 2016 (credit: Jeff Moody)

Bitter Fest 2016 (credit: Jeff Moody)