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Korean Jeans originated in Boston in 2012, emerging from a mildewy basement room with a long history of noisy happenings. Korean Jeans is half Neal Markowski (drums, guitar, composition) and half Beth McDonald (tuba, electronics). The duo sits uncomfortably between a rock band and an avant garde ensemble -- too obnoxious for galleries and too weird for rock clubs... We play compositions by Neal ("math rock"), improvisation, noise, and a variety of cover songs -- Big Black, MX-80 Sound, the B-52s, etc.

And yes, in case you were wondering: tuba sounds great through fuzz pedals. The more the merrier.

Korean Jeans currently releases albums through Single Action Rider (Chicago), and all albums are available on Bandcamp.

Bitter Fest 2016 (credit: Jeff Moody)

Bitter Fest 2016 (credit: Jeff Moody)