Brian Friedland Big Band

Friedland's big band works capture explore a wide range of emotions and ideas brought to life and enhanced by an accomplished, dedicated 20 piece band.  Tinting modern jazz with influences ranging from classical minimalism to techno in attempts to musically reflect on personal experiences, his writing displays a relentless creativity and open-mindedness.  Grammy nominated composer, USC faculty member, and musical collaborator Kim Richmond describes Friedland's music as "not only professional quality material, but inspirationally crafted, an excellent and interesting mix of art works. He shows his dedication towards creating and performing new music."  Many of Friedland’s works for big band were composed while working with New Engand Conservatory’s Jazz Composer’s Orchestra, where Friedland earned his Master’s degree in jazz composition and met many members of his band.  The band also features many of his frequent collaborators in Boston, and draws on repertoire he wrote for his six piece band Rhombus.

The Big Band lives on and does amazing work in and around Boston, including Brian's hilarious Household Items project.