Piano Power

Piano Power provides in-home music lessons in Chicago and the north suburbs. What initially impressed me was the focus on creating music for enjoyment -- generally, lessons are organized around what music the kids enjoy and want to learn. For some, that means buffing up serious classical chops, and for others it means learning to strum and belt Broadway or Top 40. The student recitals are a cross-genre potpourri that would make any August Noise JP fanatic shed a tear of joy. ;)

We mainly focus on piano, voice, guitar/bass, and drums, so you'll only find me behind-the-scenes -- creating/overhauling schedules, organizing student recitals, crunching data, and general puzzle-solving.

Callithumpian Consort (& SICPP) Online Content

You can read more about Callithumpian under the Projects heading on my site -- I wear lots of hats for the ensemble! In addition to performing and assisting with the SICPP Electronics Workshop each year, I work behind the scenes on the social media & web content for the ensemble. That means updating Callithumpian's website, posting updates to Facebook, and posting my usual garbage barrage of sarcastic hashtags on the Twitters. Also, leading up to/during SICPP (each June), I manage the Twitter account, co-author the Facebook page with Elaine (and other "volunteers"), and coerce my dear Nina Guo into leading the photographic charge on Instagram.